NYPIRG is Hiring

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NYPIRG is a statewide, non-partisan, nonprofit, research, public education and advocacy group. Past campaigns include the successful fights to establish the state toxic Superfund program, to pass Bottle Return Law, to ban hydrofracking and so much more. We’re interested in reaching activist and environmentally minded College of Staten Island students with a job opportunity for the summer on our Community Outreach Campaign.

NYPIRG seeks students wishing to build political action, community organizing and public speaking skills while working to impact New York State environmental and energy policy in the urgent fight against climate change.

Check out NYPIRG’s website for more information https://www.nypirg.org


NYPIRG is Hiring! 

Climate Activists for Community Outreach Campaign

The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), New York’s leading environmental organization, is hiring passionate, motivated climate activists to staff our statewide community outreach campaign. NYPIRG is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization that advances important public interest issues through sophisticated grassroots organizing and advocacy, public education, and media exposure.

Scientists warn current emissions are pushing our climate towards dangerous tipping points as soon as 2040, but too many politicians take too little action, and fossil fuel companies continue to pollute!  Our Community Outreach teams are building the grassroots movement to hold elected leaders accountable, end fossil fuel dependency, and bring climate polluters to justice! 

NYPIRG Community Outreach Campaign Staff have mobilized hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to successfully:

  • block fossil fuel power plants and pipelines
  • protect air and water quality in environmental justice communities,
  • pass the statewide ban on hydrofracking
  • and so much more at www.nypirg.org!

APPLY TODAY: www.nypirg.org/outreach/

Inquiries Welcome at: (212) 349-7474

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Kyla “Rome” Romanelli
New York Public Interest Research Group 
Assistant Statewide Outreach Office Manager9 Murray Street Lower LevelNew York, NY 10007O
 | (212) 349-6460 ext 1155C 
| (845) 372-8637