Pizza/Politics/History/Philosophy/ Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies: An Informal Discussion of the Contested Terrain of Abortion

Pizza, Politics/History/Philosophy/ Women, Gender and Sexuality:  
The Contested Terrain of Abortion  
Join Us for an Informal Discussion and 
Learn about Political Science, History, Philosophy, and Women, Gender and Sexuality Majors and Minors 

Tuesday, March 21 
2:30 to 3:30 p.m. (Club Hours) 
Building 2N, Room 001 (Basement); A CC CLUE EVENT 

Alyson Bardsley, Professor of English and WGS 
Tasha Kimball, Professor of History 
Rob Lovering, Professor of Philosophy 
Jane Marcus-Delgado, Professor of Political Science 

Pizza, Snacks and Soft Drinks  
will be served.